Court news in the Associate Division of Grundy County Circuit Court for Tuesday, November 14, 2023

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A Humphreys resident, facing a felony non-support charge, has withdrawn a previous plea of not guilty. Rachel Sprague, during a circuit court appearance on Tuesday, changed her plea to guilty. Sentencing was deferred pending a report from Missouri Probation and Parole. In Division One, the court set January 11th as the date to announce the disposition of the case. Circuit Court Presiding Judge Steve Hudson has allowed Sprague to post a $10,000 bond with bond supervision by North Missouri Court Services. Sprague was accused of non support including a total that was in arrears by more than 12 monthly payments that officials say were due on a court order.

Trenton resident Kathy Jo Campbell is to be in Division One of the Grundy County Circuit Court next month on a felony charge of possession of a controlled substance from September 4th. Campbell, on Tuesday, waived a preliminary hearing in the associate division. She was remanded to the Grundy County Detention Center instead of a $30,000 cash bond – pending the December 14th court appearance.

Trenton resident Jason Robert Collins pleaded guilty to three misdemeanors stemming from an arrest on October 23rd. They are a violation of an order of protection for an adult; resisting or interfering when Trenton Police officers were making an arrest; and 4th-degree assault. Associate Circuit Court Judge Carrie Lamm Clark sentenced Collins to 60 days in the Grundy County Jail and allowed him credit for serving 22 days. The sentences are to be served concurrently – meaning at the same time as each other. Collins is to have no contact with any parties involved with the incident. And he is barred from returning to his former residence in Trenton.

Following a plea agreement accepted by the court, Jesse Matthew Harding of Trenton was placed on two years of supervised probation. Harding pleaded guilty to a charge that was amended to misdemeanor driving while his license was revoked or suspended as of November 1st. The court ordered him to have monthly urine analyses, maintain employment, and follow the recommendations of Preferred Family Health Care.

Trenton resident Alyssa Brooke Miller pleaded guilty to driving while suspended or revoked as of January 14th this year. The imposition of sentence was suspended and she was placed on one year supervised probation. The court ordered Miller to provide proof of a valid driver’s license by May of 2024.

Brendon Ebersold of Trenton continues to be held in jail without bond following a hearing Tuesday in the associate division. Docket information shows he had requested release on his own recognizance which the prosecutor objected to. After hearing evidence, no charges involving bond were made and Judge Clark continued the three felony cases until November 28th. Ebersold is charged with knowingly burning a shed and a car at 140 East 8th Street in the early morning hours of November 4th. He’s also charged with 1st-degree property damage and 1st-degree harassment.

The court continued a $15,000 cash bond for Dakota Wendt of Trenton who is charged with driving while intoxicated and driving while his license was revoked or suspended – both on November 4th. Wendt had requested release on his own recognizance which the court denied. The cases were continued until December 12th.

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