Gregoor Moesker is NCMC Outstanding Student

Gregoor Moesker

Gregoor Moesker from Curacao has been selected as North Central Missouri College’s Outstanding Student. Gregoor is an international student obtaining his associate degree in business or sports management. Gregoor later plans to transfer and complete his bachelor’s degree.

Gregoor is an athlete on the NCMC Baseball team, and he is also a part of the worship team at the First Baptist Church in Trenton, MO.  Gregoor’s favorite class is Speech with Tammie Wiebers. Gregoor enjoys the class because he likes to communicate and it helps with his musical performances and singing in front of people. 

“The NCMC instructors really help you so you can have new opportunities to do new things and succeed,” said Gregoor. “I chose NCMC because I had the opportunity to get a scholarship to play baseball.”

Each month, a student is nominated by a faculty or staff member to be featured as an Outstanding Student based on their dedication to educational success, attitude toward learning, and hard work in their field and activities.