Trenton sees warmer temperatures and higher rainfall in April

Weather Summary Graphic
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Temperatures were above normal by more than three degrees on lows and nearly three degrees on highs. Highs averaged 67.2 degrees, while lows averaged 46.8 degrees. The warmest temperature last month in Trenton was 86 degrees on April 14. The coolest temperature was 31 degrees on April 5. Rainfall in April totaled 5.79 inches at the water plant in western Trenton where weather readings are taken for the National Weather Service. That’s 2.26 inches above normal for April.

The yearly moisture total at the water plant was slightly over ten inches (10.02) through April 30. That was above normal by 1.24 inches entering May. The Barton Farm campus at the southeast edge of Trenton had 6.43 inches of rain in April. That was 0.64 inches more than the total at the water plant.

There was no measurable snow in April in Trenton. That left the total snowfall for the season at 16.25 inches, which is 4.5 inches below normal for the season. There was no measurable snow in March and only 0.25 inches of snow in February at the water plant. Most of the snow during the season came in January when 12 inches was measured at the water plant.

The National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center, entering April, said temperatures and precipitation both were moderately favored to be above normal in April in our area. That turned out to be accurate. The outlook for May shows equal chances for temperatures to be above, below, or near normal in this area. However, northeast Missouri is slightly favored to have above-normal temperatures. There are equal chances for above, below, or near normal precipitation near the Iowa-Missouri border in May. Just south of there, above-normal precipitation is slightly favored in May.

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