Gallatin Board of Aldermen presented reports on utility repairs; approve liquor license for local business

Gallatin City Hall

Gallatin Public Works Director Mark Morey reported at the Gallatin Board of Aldermen meeting on December 14th on repairs to two water leaks. He said one was located on East Berry Street, and the other was repaired on Cedar Street.

Crews had tried to locate the leak on Cedar Street but were unsuccessful. Rural Water helped narrow down the area the leak was not coming from, which helped crews locate the source. Morey explained a coupling from a previous leak repair had worked itself loose. Crews tightened the coupling and repaired the leak.

Crews replaced an electrical pole by Main Street Pharmacy last week. They plan to replace a few more poles in that area of Gallatin this week. Morey said additional shorter electrical poles will need to be ordered since the rest of the inventory will be used this week.

City Administrator Lance Rains announced the State Emergency Management Agency rejected the COVID-19 funding request for an advanced metering infrastructure system since it is a permanent solution instead of a temporary solution to help stop the spread of the virus.

Rains will submit paperwork for the VW truck replacement grant. Gallatin has been denied twice, but the grant requirements have changed.

The board approved a liquor license by the drink, including Sunday sales, request for Mi Mexico under the new ownership of Martha Cantu.

Police Chief Mark Richards was not at the meeting, but he provided an incident report for the last two weeks. It included three welfare checks, two animal problems, two unattended deaths, and two property damage incidents.

The board agreed to finish the 2021 budget discussion for salaries in a closed session. There was also to be a discussion of employees in the closed session.