Funding denied for Trenton park’s war memorial, board seeks alternatives

Trenton Park Board News Graphic Final
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The Trenton Park Board discussed repairs to the Moberly Park War Memorial on May 1. Board President Curtis Crawford reported that the Daughters of the American Revolution grant, which the Park Board had applied for, was not approved.

Last year, the Park Board committed earnest money up to $7,500 to serve as matching funds for the grant and planned to seek additional funding sources for the repairs. Crawford mentioned that Greg Sharp had submitted a proposal for repairs, with an estimated cost of $13,145.

Crawford highlighted the potential of the DAR grant to cover the remaining costs through donations. He suggested the board should explore other grant opportunities and welcomed donations for the project. Board Member John Hamilton emphasized the need to inform the public that donations are being accepted for the repair efforts.

Shockley, whom Crawford advised contacting for donation information, reported that a plaque to memorialize former Park Superintendent Philip Daniels would arrive next week. It will be placed at the concession stand at the Upper Moberly Park baseball field. Hamilton planned to organize a ceremony with Daniels’s family to acknowledge his contributions.

Regarding wage scales, Crawford reported ongoing discussions within the City of Trenton, though the city council had not yet approved them. Assistant Park Superintendent Shaun McCullough attended a Finance Committee meeting on April 29, where there was support for sending the wage scale back to the city council.

Crawford hoped the final wage scale would be approved, suggesting that the Park Board could adjust Park Department employees’ salaries retroactively to May 1, the start of the fiscal year, depending on the outcome.

In terms of staffing, Shockley reported receiving applications for about 10 lifeguards, a few concession stand workers, and two assistant pool managers, with ongoing recruitment. He also noted the completion of the first phase of pool restoration, which included concrete and main drain repairs. The pool is set to open on Memorial Day weekend.

As Crawford’s term ended, Andy Cox was elected as the new Park Board President. Other newly elected officers include Vice President John Hamilton and Secretary Chris Mengel.

Additional updates included the installation of a water meter at Sesquicentennial Park and discussions on limiting public access to a water spigot at Eastside Park, with suggestions of using a padlock to restrict usage.

The Park Board concluded with a closed session for personnel discussions.

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