Chillicothe City Council to review seven new ordinances next week

Chillicothe City Website 2023
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The Chillicothe City Council will consider seven ordinances at their next meeting. The council is scheduled to convene at the Chillicothe City Hall on January 29 at 5:30 p.m.

One ordinance proposes to designate a building at 400 Third Street as a landmark under the city’s historic preservation ordinances. Another seeks to establish a historical district overlay for 1111 and 1114 Trenton Street.

Several ordinances pertain to agreements. One would enable a tax collection partnership with Livingston County and certain elected officials for the collection of city taxes. Another aims to authorize the Board of Public Works president to sign a Missouri Public Utility Alliance mutual aid agreement. Additionally, an ordinance is set to approve a contract with Terracon Consultants, Incorporated for geotechnical engineering services, which are essential for police facility improvements.

Further, one ordinance would permit an agreement with Hoefer Welker, LLC for architectural services, also related to police facility improvements. Another ordinance proposes to authorize a contract with McLiney and Company for financial advisory services to assist in financing the police facility improvements.

The agenda also features a resolution to confirm the city’s intent to reimburse itself for capital expenditures related to these projects.

Included in the agenda are reappointments to the Parks and Recreation, Planning and Zoning, and Chillicothe Housing boards, the Community Resource Center annual report and a funding request, a year-end review of tourism and animal control activities, and a list of surplus items slated for disposal.

Furthermore, a closed session is planned for the January 29 meeting to discuss matters concerning employees, sealed bids, and sealed proposals.

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