Car strikes five motorcycles claiming four lives and injuring seven on Highway 39 in Missouri

Deadly Crash
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A devastating collision involving a car and five motorcycles near Aurora, in Southwest Missouri, has resulted in the loss of four lives and serious injuries to seven individuals. The victims, both fatalities and injured, were all residents of Aurora.

According to the highway patrol, Theresa Manetzke, a 51-year-old Aurora resident and the driver of the car, is facing serious charges including felony DWI resulting in the deaths of two or more persons, as well as failure to maintain her lane. Manetzke herself was among those seriously injured in the accident.

The incident occurred late Saturday morning, approximately three miles north of Aurora on Highway 39. The highway patrol reports that the southbound car crossed the center line and collided with the five northbound motorcycles, causing them to overturn and eject their operators and passengers. One of the motorcycles caught fire during the collision.

The car and all five motorcycles involved in the accident were destroyed.

The victims who lost their lives in the incident were identified as Linda Anderson (61 years old), James Olmstead (59 years old), Kameron Hale (28 years old), and a 17-year-old girl, all of whom were riding motorcycles.

Those who sustained serious injuries while riding motorcycles include Jesse Clinkingbeard (54 years old), Darrell Trueblood (37 years old), Krista Trueblood (30 years old), Cody Zielinsky (35 years old), Jessica Zielinski (35 years old), and a 16-year-old girl. Five of the injured individuals were transported to Cox Health Medical Center South in Springfield, while another person was taken to Mercy Hospital in Springfield for treatment.

All individuals involved in the accident were wearing safety equipment or seat belts at the time of the crash.

To protect the privacy of the juveniles involved, the highway patrol does not disclose their names in accident reports.

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