Audio: Modine Manufacturing marks 55 years in Trenton with plant tours


Modine Manufacturing will celebrate 55 years in Trenton with plant tours on November 4th. The free guided tours will be from 8 a.m. to noon.

Plant Manager Miles Moore says visitors will see changes made since tours were given for the 50th anniversary five years ago.



Moore does not plan for production to run during the tours.



Visitors will be required to wear safety glasses as a precaution. If equipment is running, they may be asked to wear earplugs.

Moore says Modine began in Trenton focusing on the truck market, producing copper-brass radiators for International tractors and the Ford Motor Company. The plant remained in that market until the mid-1990s. A decision was made in the late 1990s or early 2000s to transition to aluminum and produce aluminum aftermarket radiators.

Moore highlights two milestones in 2001 and 2007.



In 2009, the Trenton plant began producing PF condensers, but it no longer manufactures those. Around 2012, it ventured into specialty vehicle and bus module assembly and started converting some extruded tube charge air coolers into welded tubes, which Moore says was the facility’s focus for medium-duty business in 2013. The plant began E-fan module assembly in 2021, and this year it launched an off-highway module line for CNH Fargo tractors.

Visitors will observe the large module business and new ventures during the plant tours.

Moore emphasizes that each Modine plant has its unique operations.



Human Resources Manager Stephanie Burnfin states that Modine has 36 manufacturing facilities in 14 countries with 11,300 employees.

Golf carts will be available during the Trenton Modine plant tours on November 4 for visitors with difficulty walking. After the tours, cookies, cake, punch, and gifts will be available for adults and children.

Over its 55 years in Trenton, Modine Manufacturing has encountered challenges.

Plant Manager Miles Moore identifies recent supplier price increases due to workforce issues as a challenge.



Regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, Human Resources Manager Stephanie Burnfin mentions that the Trenton Modine plant ensured 24-hour janitorial services and increased cleaning and sanitation measures. Employees were given masks, and time was allocated at the end of their shifts to clean their areas with hospital-grade solutions. Additional break times and lunch periods were introduced to reduce the number of people in the cafeteria simultaneously.

Employees were also informed about measures to take if they felt unwell.



Burnfin recalls instances when COVID-19 impacted an entire team in a specific plant area within a month.



Moore commends the effective management of COVID-19 at the plant.



Burnfin acknowledges the plant’s success in retaining its employees over recent years. She mentions that the facility conducts job fairs, advertises, and holds open-door interviews.

As of the previous week, the plant had 150 hourly and 26 salaried employees, along with 10 temporary workers.

Tours will be conducted at Modine in Trenton on November 4th from 8 a.m. to noon to commemorate the plant’s 55th anniversary. The tours are free, and golf carts will be available for those who need them. Refreshments will be served in the cafeteria afterward.

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