Announced projects in Trenton include completed and upcoming city and TMU initiatives

City of Trenton website updated June 2023
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A report detailing the City of Trenton and Trenton Municipal Utilities (TMU) projects completed in the current fiscal year has been released. The report also outlines the projects planned for the upcoming fiscal year.

In 2023, several significant projects were completed. The city hall building underwent tuck-pointing, although additional work is needed to seal and fill voids to prevent basement leaks. At the airport, apron concrete repairs were made, and the city arranged for the purchase of a credit card reader for pilots to buy aviation fuel, with material delivery pending. The fire station’s driveway received concrete repairs, a flooring project was initiated for the training room, and security cameras were ordered. New firefighter breathing apparatus have been delivered, and an oil distributor truck was acquired for the street department. This department also completed street overlays and chip and seal work. Several housing demolition projects were finished within the fiscal year.

Trenton Municipal Utilities saw the near completion of the AMI meters project. A warehouse building and its apron were constructed, and a digger/derrick truck was purchased, with TMU awaiting delivery. Water plant enhancements included completed improvements at the reservoir pump station and 90 percent completion at the river pump station. Clarifier basin modifications were initiated. The sewer department contracted the Pauper Grade Road lift station project and completed the concrete storm drain inlet project. An auxiliary heater was installed in the headworks building.

Progress was made in the underground department on the installation of AMI meters. A hydro excavator was purchased, and the first phase of the water main replacement at 10th and Oklahoma was completed. Twenty-one-inch mains received a new protective lining, with additional lining work budgeted for this year. Also included in the TMU budget were the replacement of mains at 24th and Webster and the purchase of a dump truck.

Looking ahead to the fiscal year starting May 1, the street department will continue with overlay and chip and seal projects. Storm drainage work is scheduled at 13th and Main on the college campus. Plans are in place for engineering a west parking lot at the courthouse and replacing a dump truck. The police department will acquire an all-wheel-drive sport utility vehicle. The fire department anticipates getting replacement computers. Other upcoming projects include constructing an airport hangar, depending on bids, and ceiling and roof repairs at the pilots’ lounge. Demolition projects and the infill housing program for city-owned vacant lots are also proposed. City Hall will see basement waterproofing, a back door and step replacement, and a security wall extension at the front counter.

For TMU, contracted boring work at Muddy Creek is upcoming, along with the replacement of a trencher for the electric department and conversion to 2400-volt power lines in a downtown area. Additional accessories are needed for the south and north sub-station power plants. At the water plant, clarifier modifications continue; a water line will be installed to the reservoir pump station, a water leak between the main building and a clarifier basin will be repaired, and replacements of a high service pump and lime feeder are scheduled, along with the first year of heating unit replacements. Engineering and replacement of a sewer line from the Pauper Grade lift station to the railroad tracks are expected. Main replacement is planned at 24th and Webster and the second phase of water main replacements at 10th and Oklahoma. Other initiatives include water meter replacement at Nestle and fencing for warehouse storage. Advertising for more sewer lining work and closed-circuit camera views of future lining projects are included. The underground department plans to obtain a dump truck, excavator, and trailer.

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