Trenton Convention and Visitors Bureau reviews digital marketing efforts, plans strategic meeting

Trenton Convention and Visitor Bureau website

The Trenton Convention and Visitors Bureau convened on September 13 to review reports from its digital marketing agencies, Johnny Lightning Strikes Again and Amplify Creative. The meeting also laid the groundwork for a strategic planning session to be held in November.

Johnny Lightning Strikes Again, the agency responsible for the bureau’s digital advertising, and Amplify Creative, which manages the board’s social media and website, presented their reports. Chairperson Megan Pester said the data showed the prior month’s traffic and analytics from social media platforms and the Trenton Convention and Visitors Bureau website. The reports also included analytics from digital advertising campaigns.

The Convention and Visitors Bureau announced plans for a strategic planning committee meeting to be held in November, with the exact date yet to be determined. The bureau intends to invite constituents from various community organizations to attend the meeting and provide input on one-, three—, and five-year strategic plans.

Trenton Mayor Jackie Soptic and Lauren Dannar of Main Street Trenton proposed securing billboard space in the areas around Jamesport, Hamilton, and Interstate 35. While no action was taken on the proposal, it is slated for further discussion at the upcoming strategic planning meeting.

Pester also provided an update on the board’s progress with Google Analytics 4 Integration and the event calendar.

The meeting concluded without action on the renewal of the social media and web management contract with Amplify Creative. Pester noted that there were not enough voting members present to approve the contract renewal. She will abstain from voting on the matter, as she owns Amplify Creative. The topic is scheduled for discussion again at next month’s meeting.

The Trenton Convention and Visitors Bureau continues to assess its digital footprint as it prepares for future strategic planning.

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