Carrollton City Council meets to address mayor’s resignation

Council meeting to appoint mayor news graphic in Carrollton
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The town council of Carrollton will hold a special meeting Friday afternoon following the resignation this week of the mayor.

John Sweeney informed the council of his resignation. He had been elected as Carrollton’s mayor in April of last year (2023).

The city clerk’s office reports that the five-member council will have a special meeting at 4:30 p.m. today at city hall (206 West Washington Street).

The tentative agenda includes the appointment of a new mayor to fill the vacancy, an appointment of a new council person to fill a vacancy, the selection of a mayor pro-tem, and changing the names of the signers on all bank accounts.

The city of Carrollton website indicates Sweeney’s term as mayor would have expired in April of 2025. Members of the council, from the first through fourth wards, are listed as Keith Higgins, Sherry McCoy, Lisa Conner, and Jim Bowen. Listed as a councilman-at-large is Susie Bliss.

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