Audio: Former Missouri teacher cashes in by baring it all, rakes in close to $1 million

Brianna Coppage - (Photo submitted by Brianna Coppage)

(Missourinet) – A former Missouri teacher says she has no regrets about launching a career in adult entertainment. 



Twenty-eight-year-old Brianna Coppage was an English teacher at St. Clair High School near St. Louis, but she resigned this fall after administrators found out she had an OnlyFans page. She tells Fox News that after her resignation, she raked in close to one million dollars baring it all. She made $42,000 working as a teacher and used the subscription-based service to make extra money to pay off student loans from her advanced degree.

Coppage is reportedly among the platform’s top creators, raking in nearly one million dollars since she began the account over the summer. She tells the network that she has no regrets. The former high school teacher stated that people are allowed to have personal lives outside of their careers.

(Photo submitted by Brianna Coppage)

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