Trenton Middle School announces Students of the 2nd Quarter

Trenton, Missouri Middle School
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The students of the 2nd Quarter at Trenton Middle School have been announced. This recognition is based on several key factors including academic performance, character, behavior, effort, social relationship, and attendance. It’s important to note that this honor can be awarded only once during a student’s middle school career.

The selected students are:

5th Grade:

    • Avery Gamet, daughter of Katrina and Nathan Gamet
    • Damon Heckenmuller, son of Carla and Mike Boggs

6th Grade:

    • Samantha Garcia-Fernandez, daughter of Zulma Fernandez and Roberto Garcia
    • Ethan Yardley-Ishmael, son of Ashley Thompson and Jacob Ishmael

7th Grade:

    • Rozalea Webb, daughter of Chelsea Lake and Jacob Webb
    • Jax Simpson, son of Shona and Jonathan Simpson

8th Grade:

    • Bailey Williams, daughter of Colleen and Clay Williams
    • Roman Hunter, son of Erin Johnson



Trenton Middle School Students of 2nd quarter
Front – Rozalea Webb, Ethan Yardley-Ishmael, Damon Heckenmuller, Avery Gamet Back row – Jax Simpson, Samantha Fernandez-Garcia, Roman Hunter, Bailey Williams

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