Smoke and burning odor prompt Chillicothe Fire Department to respond to an address on Locust Street

Fire Truck news graphic

On Sunday evening, the Chillicothe Fire Department responded to a call at 925 Locust Street to investigate an unusual odor.

Upon arriving at the scene at 5:09 p.m., firefighters swiftly entered the basement and immediately detected the presence of smoke and the distinct scent of burning electrical wiring and wood. The source of most of the smoke appeared to be situated directly above the electrical box. To pinpoint potential fire hazards, firefighters deployed a thermal imaging camera, focusing their efforts on identifying hot spots in the walls or ceiling. Subsequently, the department initiated the removal of sections of the ceiling in their pursuit of these hot spots. Ultimately, they successfully opened an area above the electrical panel.

In an attempt to dissipate the haze that had filled the space, windows were opened briefly but then promptly closed as the smoke reappeared. Fire Captain Tracy Bradley reported discovering some charring on the floor within a closet on the main floor but could not ascertain the exact location of the fire. However, the electrical panel underwent testing, and firefighters traced the wiring. During their investigation, they did identify a burnt spot on the wire that ran from the panel to the furnace, and this spot was in close proximity to the aforementioned closet.

Captain Bradley conveyed their findings to the residents and informed them that the electrical meter had been removed temporarily. An electrician would need to inspect the home thoroughly before any further action could be taken.

The house’s owner, Jacob Hibner, was officially listed as the property owner, while Andrew Crabtree was documented as the current occupant.