Officials release tentative schedule for High School Holiday Hoops

Holiday Hoops Basketball

High School Holiday Hoops officials have released the upcoming schedule featuring 115 teams, 63 high schools from Missouri and Iowa and a total of 77 games.

Hoops Director Steve Maxey says this year’s event features some of the most outstanding high school basketball programs in all of north Missouri and southern Iowa as well as across the Show-Me State. Teams representing high school enrollments from as few as 50 students to as many as 2500 will participate in the 13-day event with all games played on the Campus of North Central Missouri College in Trenton.

It is estimated that nearly 1900 student/athletes will take to the court of the Ketcham Community Center in addition to the number of cheerleaders, managers, pep bands and performing troupes making it a tremendous marketing opportunity for NCMC and the Community.” All games will once again be played at the Ketcham Community Center and should weather or any other circumstance affect play, games will not be made up due to the availability of the Ketcham Center, days for scheduling and access to the teams.

Sponsored by the North Central Missouri College Foundation and directed by a 15-member steering committee, Holiday Hoops fulfills the original intent of the event: to showcase student-athletes from across the area, provide an economic impact on the entire region and lastly, market the College to prospective students.

Maxey included a reminder with the schedule that this is a tentative schedule and changes might occur because of conflicts among participating high schools. He went on to say that the recent inclement weather continues to have some impact on scheduling as schools are considering make-up days when teams were originally committed to play. He encouraged individuals to visit the Holiday Hoops Facebook page for updates as well as releases to the local media.

Any games canceled due to weather will NOT be made up.

Friday, December 14

Sturgeon Girls vs. Orrick Girls – 4:00

Sturgeon Boys vs. Orrick Boys – 5:30

Lincoln-Council Bluffs Boys vs. Lafayette Boys – 7:00

Hillsboro Girls vs. Lafayette Girls – 8:30


Saturday, December 15 – Farmers Bank of Northern Missouri Day

Tri-County Girls vs. Bucklin/Macon County Girls – 10:00

Tri-County Boys vs. Bucklin/Macon County Boys – 11:30

Benton Girls vs. Hillsboro Girls – 1:00

Des Moines Hoover Boys vs. Lincoln-Council Bluffs Boys – 2:30

Chillicothe Boys vs. Plattsburg Boys – 4:00

North Mercer Girls vs. Stanberry Girls – 5:30

North Mercer Boys vs. Stanberry Boys – 7:00


Monday, December 17 – Rhonda Watkins, Shelter Insurance Day

Grand View Christian Academy Boys vs. Benton Boys – 5:30

Lafayette Boys vs. Odessa Boys – 7:00


Tuesday, December 18 – NCMC Foundation – TJC/NCMC Alumni Day

Grundy R-5 Girls vs. Higbee Girls – 5:30

Grundy R-5 Boys vs. Higbee Boys – 7:00


Wednesday, December 19 – Grundy Electric Cooperative/Mid-States Day

Gilman City Girls vs. Brashear Girls – 5:30

Gilman City Boys vs. Brashear Boys – 7:00

Norborne Boys vs. Tri-County Boys – 8:30


Thursday, December 20 –North Central Missouri College Day

LaPlata Girls vs. North Mercer Girls – 2:30

LaPlata Boys vs. North Mercer Boys – 4:00

Marceline Girls vs. Milan Girls – 5:30

Marceline Boys vs. Milan Boys – 7:00

Maryville Boys vs. Lathrop Boys – 8:30


Friday, December 21 – Princeton Rotary Club Day

Green City Girls vs. Princeton Girls – 9:00

Green City Boys vs. Princeton Boys – 10:30

Lexington Boys vs. Maryville Boys – 12:00

Lexington Girls vs. Braymer Girls – 1:30

Cameron Boys vs. Braymer Boys – 3:00

Paris Girls vs. North Platte Girls – 4:30

Paris Boys vs. North Platte Boys – 6:00

Madison Girls vs. Grundy R-5 Girls – 7:30

Madison Boys vs. Grundy R-5 Boys – 9:00


Saturday, December 22 – Century 21 Day

Carrollton Girls vs. Hardin-Central Girls – 9:00

Carrollton Boys vs. Plattsburg Boys – 10:30

Cameron Girls vs. Green City Girls – 12:00

Trenton Boys vs. Green City Boys – 1:30

Des Moines North Boys vs. Hazelwood East Boys – 3:00

Lafayette Girls vs. Trenton Girls – 4:30

East Buchanan Girls vs. Gallatin Girls – 6:00

East Buchanan Boys vs. Gallatin Boys – 7:30


Wednesday, December 26

North Andrew Girls vs. Brashear Girls – 3:00

Hale Boys Boys vs. North Andrew Boys – 4:30

Penney Boys vs. Sacred Heart Boys – 6:00

Norborne Girls vs. Penney Girls – 7:30


Thursday, December 27 – Trenton Rotary Club Day

King City Girls vs. Hale Girls – 9:00

King City Boys vs. Hardin-Central Boys – 10:30

South Holt Girls vs. North Harrison Girls – 12:00

South Holt Boys vs. North Harrison Boys – 1:30

Excelsior Springs Girls vs. Norborne Girls – 3:00

Knox County Boys vs. Norborne Boys – 4:30

Milan Girls vs. Knox County Girls – 6:00

Milan Boys vs. Summit Christian Academy Boys – 7:30

Chillicothe Girls vs. Summit Christian Academy Girls – 9:00


Friday, December 28 – Wesley United Methodist Church Day

Winston Girls vs. Tina-Avalon Girls – 9:00

Winston Boys vs. Tina-Avalon Boys – 10:30

Rock Port Girls vs. Newtown-Harris Girls – 12:00

Rock Port Boys vs. Newtown-Harris Boys – 1:30

Summit Christian Academy Girls vs. Smithville Girls – 3:00

Lawson Girls vs. Odessa Girls – 4:30

Lawson Boys vs. Southwest Livingston Boys – 6:00

Lathrop Girls vs. Gallatin Girls – 7:30

Lathrop Boys vs. Gallatin Boys – 9:00


Saturday, December 29 – Smithfield Day

Polo Girls vs. Rock Port Girls – 9:00

Polo Boys vs. Rock Port Boys – 10:30

Smithville Girls vs. Excelsior Springs Girls – !2:00

Southwest Livingston Boys vs. Penney Boys – 1:30

Southwest Livingston Girls vs. Gallatin Girls – 3:00

Princeton Girls vs. Schuyler County Girls – 4:30

Princeton Boys vs. Schuyler County Boys – 6:00

Richmond Girls vs. Meadville Girls – 7:30

Richmond Boys vs. Meadville Boys – 9:00


Monday, December 31 – Military Appreciation Day

Pattonsburg Girls vs. East Harrison Girls – 10:30

Pattonsburg Boys vs. East Harrison Boys – 12:00

Southwest Livingston Girls vs. Winston Girls – 1:30

Sacred Heart Boys vs. Winston Boys – 3:00

Hardin-Central Boys vs. Gallatin Boys – 4:30

Hardin-Central Girls vs. Tri-County Girls – 6:00