North Central Missouri College holds graduation on Saturday

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On May 4, during the North Central Missouri College (NCMC) graduation, Dr. Joanna Anderson, a distinguished alumna and former president of State Fair Community College, delivered a speech. The ceremony recognized students earning associate degrees and certificates in non-nursing fields.

Dr. Anderson recounted a memorable saying from her grandfather: “Let’s hoe a row while we rest.” This saying originated from his days of farming with horses, who would need periods of rest during which he would continue to hoe another row. She explained that this saying encapsulated four key lessons, starting with the value of hard work in achieving one’s goals—a lesson she tied back to the hardworking students graduating from NCMC.



She highlighted the second lesson about taking care of one’s most valuable assets, emphasizing the importance of self-care among the graduates.



The additional lessons from her grandfather’s saying were to lead by example and to always strive to do the right thing.

Sawyer McCallon, President of the Student Senate, spoke about the unique opportunities that life presents, noting that some are once-in-a-lifetime.



Janet Gott, the Director of Green Hills Head Start, was honored as Director Emerita during the event.

At the afternoon graduation ceremony, Mike Poore, CEO of Mosaic Life Care, addressed the graduates receiving nursing degrees and certificates. Poore shared insights into his career path in hospital administration, which was influenced initially by an injury during his high school football career and a challenging encounter with organic chemistry.

He detailed a personal experience with his firstborn son’s brain disorder, which opened his eyes to a different aspect of healthcare. His son, now 32, has been a significant influence on his career.



Poore encouraged nursing graduates to find their passion in patient care and dedicate themselves fully to it.



Sue Nichols, Director of the Savannah Campus, and Beth Crawford, a nursing instructor, were recognized for their achievements as Professors Emerita.

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