Missouri harvest progresses despite dry conditions

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(Brownfield Network – Carah Hart) – Missouri’s harvest is progressing steadily, with corn and soybean harvesting nearing completion. According to the USDA, 89% of corn and 84% of soybeans have been harvested statewide.

In west-central Missouri, farmer Daniel Carpenter reports that harvest is mostly wrapped up in his area. Yields have been variable, with some areas experiencing slightly below-average yields due to soil conditions. However, Carpenter noted that farmers in the Missouri River bottoms were able to produce decent crops despite the less-than-ideal rainfall.

Cotton harvest is also nearing completion, with 89% of the crop harvested, ahead of the average pace. Winter wheat planting is also progressing, with 78% of the crop planted to date.

Despite the harvesting progress, dry conditions continue to affect the state. Topsoil moisture is 53% adequate, while subsoil moisture supplies are 56% short to very short.

In northeast Missouri, Brian Munzlinger is hopeful for some rain to help alleviate the dry conditions as fall fieldwork continues and cover crops are seeded. Munzlinger noted that this is the time of year when the state typically receives showers and snow, which would be welcome.

Hay supplies remain 62% short to very short, and Missouri’s stock water supplies are at 57% adequate.

(Photo by Loren King on Unsplash)

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