Grundy County authorities report the arrest of four

Grundy County Law Enforcement Center

The Grundy County Sheriff’s Office reports the arrest of four area residents on various allegations.

Twenty-nine year old Christopher Eudean Parsons of Cainsville was arrested Wednesday, June 10th on a capias warrant on felony second degree assault. No bond was approved. He was scheduled for Division One of Grundy County Circuit Court Thursday, June 11th. Parsons has been incarcerated in another county and has other charges in Harrison and Mercer counties.

Thirty-one year old Travis Williams of Princeton was arrested Thursday, June 11th on a capias warrant for an alleged probation violation on felony non-support, total arrears in excess of 12 monthly payments due under an order of support. He posted bond of $2,500, 10% cash approved. Williams is scheduled for Division One of Grundy County Circuit Court August 13th.

Forty-year old Brad Anthony Middleton was arrested Wednesday, June 10th and has been charged with felony third degree domestic assault. His bond is $7,500 cash only.

Court documents accuse Middleton of attempting to cause physical injury to a family or household member related by marriage by grabbing the person’s neck, shoving the person into a stove, threatening to punch the person, and shoving the person down a hallway.

Middleton is considered to be a persistent offender and is punishable by a sentence to an extended term of imprisonment, specifically punishment, such as that of a Class D felony, in that he has been convicted of two or more felonies committed at different times. He was convicted in Adair County Circuit Court in December 2004 of felony second degree assault—operating a motor vehicle intoxicated causing injury. Middleton was also convicted in Putnam County Circuit Court in September 2013 of driving while intoxicated.

Twenty-two year old Slade Daniel Hahn was arrested Thursday, June 11th. He has been charged with the misdemeanors of possession of marijuana or synthetic cannabinoid of 11 to 35 grams, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia—prior drug offense, and driving while revoked or suspended—second or third offense. His bond is $1,000 cash only.

Court documents accuse Hahn of possessing more than 10 grams of marijuana; possessing a grinder with the intent to use to ingest, inhale, or otherwise introduce a controlled substance into the human body; and operating a motor vehicle on Highway 6 during a time when his operator’s license was revoked.

Court information indicates Hahn was previously found guilty in Cameron Municipal Court of possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia. He also previously committed the offense of driving while suspended in Liberty in November 2019.

Middleton and Hahn are scheduled for the Associate Division of Grundy County Circuit Court June 23rd.