Gallatin Board of Aldermen report crews to begin installation of new electric and water meters

Gallatin City Hall

The Gallatin Board of Aldermen approved two ordinances on Monday, June 14 that authorized entering into service contract agreements. One involved a telemetry system with Micro-Comm for the water plant supervisory control and data acquisition system. The other involved a uniform service contract agreement with Aramark.

The board agreed to hire Decker Construction to insert a new water valve live into the system. The estimate is $6,000, and Decker hopes to complete the project in one month. The project will shut down the old clear well and eliminate any backfilling from the lines. Public Works Director Mark Morey said crews have made a few attempts to shut down the line, but the line has 155 pounds of pressure, and they cannot find any valves to shut down to help lower the pressure.

Crews will install new electric and water meters in the coming days for the new advanced metering infrastructure system. They had a kick-off meeting with VEPO Solutions work order management for the install of the meters.

Morey is working with the insurance company regarding a claim filed following a truck and trailer hitting an electric pole and fence at the sewer plant.

The board agreed a customer requesting a new water meter will be required to pay for a replacement.

A picnic liquor license request was approved for the Friends of Gallatin fundraising event on June 26th.

The board also agreed for the Missouri Quilt Museum to include the City of Gallatin as a part of Community Day for towns in the surrounding area.

City Administrator Lance Rains is going to start working on Missouri Intergovernmental Risk Management Association grant applications.  He is still working with the Department of Natural Resources regarding the sewer plant clarifier and hopes to get the bidding started soon.

Rains reported the Gallatin pool opened, and everything seems to be running smoothly.

Police Chief Mark Richards provided the 16 top case summaries for the Gallatin Police Department for the last eight months. The cases included a missing or abducted child, alleged rape, theft, possession of marijuana, trespassing, and animal-related offenses.

Richards reported two of the dogs at the pound were deemed vicious dogs and must be rehomed outside of the city limits. This followed a dog bit incident on South Clay Street.

Visitor Aundrea Whiteley led a discussion on the breed ban in the city. She shared research regarding potential state legislation that could prevent cities from having breed bans.