Chillicothe Fire Department responds to vehicle fire

Vehicle Fire

The Chillicothe Fire Department noticed a vehicle fire on Wednesday afternoon, June 16 on the way back to the station from a grass fire. The vehicle was at 1025 Washington Street.

The fire department reports the hazmat truck pulled alongside the vehicle and started extinguishing it. Flames engulfed the interior of the vehicle, and fire had burnt through the passenger side of the windshield and most of the dashboard. The fire spread to the ceiling of the vehicle toward the backseat.

Firefighters used about 100 gallons of water with foam. The doors were locked, and they were unable to be unlocked. A backseat window had to be broken to gain access to the fire.

The fire department notes that Engine 1 arrived on the scene about the time the fire was extinguished. Firefighters continued to hit hot spots.

Both occupants were out of the vehicle. The fire department reports the driver, listed as Sandra Tate of Brookfield, stated she was driving towards the hospital for a doctor’s appointment for the passenger, who appeared to be the driver’s spouse. The driver said the air conditioner suddenly stopped blowing cold air and started blowing smoke. She pulled over, and fire started coming out. The owner of the vehicle was listed as Robert Amos.

A bystander offered to give the occupants a ride to the hospital. The police department stayed on the scene until a wrecker could clean up the incident.

No injuries were reported.

The Chillicothe Fire Department was at the scene for about 10 minutes.

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