Board of Aldermen informed that Gallatin has been granted funding approval for advanced metering infrastructure

Gallatin City Hall
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The Gallatin Board of Aldermen on March 14th approved an ordinance adopting and enacting a new code of ordinances for the City of Gallatin. City Clerk Hattie Rains reports the new codes are statutory updates approved at the state level. The city recognizes the changes in its code the state already approved.

The board approved a cemetery bid from Rodell Sperry pending insurance requirements being sent. The bid was for $80 for Lile and $590 for Brown and Greenwood. It was the lowest of the three bids. Mitchell Ott and Michael Walker also submitted bids.

The board reviewed and approved the annual extended service warranty proposal from MicroComm for $3,600 for the supervisory control and data acquisition system for the water plant. Rains explains the SCADA system helps operate wells, pumps, and the plant.

Public Works Director Mark Morey reported the new dump truck was in Bethany getting repairs done on the heater blower fan.

The board requested the remaining snow pile be hauled off if possible. Morey said that since the dump truck was in the shop if nice weather continues, the street crew can take out the salt spreader in the older dump truck and can finish hauling off snow piles the snow has not melted before then.

Rains announced the city has been officially granted funding approval for the advanced metering infrastructure system for $361,705. The board approved authorizing Mayor Barbara Ballew to sign a grant agreement with the Missouri Department of Economic Development for that amount.

Rains led a discussion on the migration of gWorks to a cloud-based program for human resources, utility billing, and finance within the next three to five years. She requested to complete the AMI system migration before purchasing the new cloud-based programs.

City Administrator Lance Rains provided the board with a Missouri Intergovernmental Risk Management Association Loss Control Program Evaluation Rating Form. He highlighted that the rating increased from 94 to 98.

He also provided a Gallatin Vehicle List, which included the cost of repairs and/or purchase amounts for new vehicles since 2019. It also included vehicles that had been sold and the amount of the sales.

Rains is meeting with a solar field company next week to discuss the possibility of purchasing electricity provided by the company.

Police Chief Mark Richards reported on upcoming training.

He also provided an incident report list dated March 14th. It included three lockouts, two property damage incidents, and two domestic disturbances.

There was one dog in the pound. Richards said the annual state kennel inspection was last week, and it went well.

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