Audio: Missouri lawmaker seeks to criminalize aborting of nonviable pregnancies

Ectopic Pregnancy news graphic

A state representative wants to make it a felony in Missouri for providing abortions to women who could die of pregnancy complications.

A state House committee is considering the bill sponsored by Branson Republican Brian Seitz, which would criminalize those who provide an abortion to women with what is called an ectopic pregnancy, or when the fetus becomes lodged in the fallopian tube.

During a committee hearing, Seitz and Democrat Keri Ingle of Kansas City discuss the bill.



During a House committee hearing, Shantel Dooling with the Missouri State Medical Association said it opposes the legislation.



The legislation would also criminalize those who provide an abortion to a sex trafficking victim. Missouri Senate Majority Leader Caleb Rowden of Columbia, a fellow Republican, says not all pro-life bills are pro-life and if this bill makes it to the Senate, it is “dead on arrival.”

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