Gallatin Board of Aldermen contend with lengthy agenda at latest meeting

Daviess County Courthouse

The Gallatin Board of Aldermen accepted bids for cemetery mowing at its meeting Monday evening provided the contractors can provide necessary insurance requirements.

Mike Walker will mow Lile Cemetery for $50 per mowing. Mitchell Ott will mow Brown and Greenwood cemeteries for $425 each time. The accepted bids were the lowest. Walker also submitted a bid for mowing Brown and Greenwood and Ott submitted a bid for mowing Lile Cemetery. Legendary Lawn Care submitted bids for both cemeteries.

The board agreed to pay membership dues of $250 for the Northwest Roundtable. Public Works Director Mark Morey presented road oil quotes. Coastal Energy Corporation’s bid was for $2.68 per gallon plus fees. Vance Brothers was $2.70 per gallon plus fees. The board requested Morey contact Vance Brothers to confirm if it can contract road oil at the current price quoted and take delivery in July.

Morey received a few quotes for the sewer plant blowers and hopes to finalize those bids to present to the board for purchase. Morey asked the board if it would be interested in a presentation on advanced metering infrastructure.

City Administrator Lance Rains said the City of Albany was pleased with the transition to AMI metering, and it cut the city’s water loss. The board would like to see the presentation. Morey reported water operators have had more problems at the new water plant. He said that three days after the plant received a load of carbon dioxide, a valve blew off and released 11,000 pounds of carbon dioxide. The contractor is scheduled to be onsite to revamp the tank April 1st.

Morey noted that after working with engineers, it was discovered the water plant should have been engineered for a smaller tank to only hold 45 days worth of carbon dioxide. He explained Gallatin has a large tank and is not using the carbon dioxide at a fast rate, which creates pressure and results in the valve blowing off.

Morey requested the board consider buying a five-minute rescue mask, which would be used to allow the operator to shut off the valves safely. Morey and Administrator Rains will look into grant funding that may be available.

A discussion was held regarding street conditions, projects, funding, and other issues related to repairing Gallatin’s streets. Alderman Dan Lockridge requested Morey get a quote for West Grand.

Rains is working with area communities to find another retailer to move into the Shopko building. The board discussed the employee handbook with Rains almost ready to send it to Attorney Robert Cowherd for approval.

Possible buyers for the electric generators will be in Gallatin the next few weeks. A discussion was held on the spending of capital improvement sales tax revenue.

Rains provided an update from Pool Manager Laurie Roll that lifeguards will be able to obtain certification through the City of Hamilton pool for $250. She also requested a 50-cent raise for the assistant pool manager.

Police Chief Mark Richards reported he has started talking with residents regarding cleaning yards and other code violations. He said the police department is identifying broken down vehicles and will issue summons for continued violations. Richards has also started making contacts regarding building damage over the winter that needs attention.

City code ordinances are now online for residents to access following completion of the codification process. A link is available to the city codes as well as other information is available on the Gallatin Police Facebook page.

Mayor Barb Ballew signed a proclamation proclaiming April as Autism Awareness Month. She will present the signed proclamation at a Gallatin R-5 School assembly April 1st.