Essie Williamson selected as NCMC’s Outstanding Student

Essie Williamson

Essie Williamson from Gilman City, MO, has been selected as North Central Missouri College’s Outstanding Student for March. Essie, an A+ student, is currently pursuing her ADN (RN) degree and plans to graduate in May. After graduation, Essie intends to continue her education to obtain her bachelors of nursing and begin work as a registered nurse.

Essie is involved in Dance Wave, Student Nurses Association, and Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. She has also been involved in Student Senate and as an Ambassador. “My favorite thing about NCMC has been being involved with Dance Wave,” said Essie. “Getting to bring something I love to college is a breath of fresh air.”

Essie’s favorite class is Leadership in Nursing with Instructor Ashley Lamma. Essie said, “We learn about things we will be doing as nurses. Things outside of just facts like ethics and leadership. It takes a lot of leadership to be a nurse, and you have to have those skills. Instructor Lamma is a great teacher as well.”

Essie went on to say, “I’m leaving NCMC debt-free with my RN while getting the best education in Missouri for nurses. Where else can you do that? With the A+ program, I covered the rest of my tuition with savings and commuted since NCMC is close to home. I love the NCMC program so much, and I have such pride when I tell people I am a nurse from NCMC.” 

Each month, a student is nominated by a faculty or staff member to be featured as an Outstanding Student based on their dedication to educational success, attitude toward learning, and hard work in their field and activities.