Election results across north Missouri counties for Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Election Results
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Among the highlights from Tuesday’s election locally, the City of Trenton voters defeated a proposed sales tax; Grundy County voters approved a use tax; and Trenton R-9 School patrons passed a “no tax increase” bond issue. It was a 17 percent (1,007 votes out of 5,787 registered) voter turnout in Grundy County for the balloting.

The proposed one-half of one percent sales tax for economic development in Trenton received 49.2 percent support, but 51.8 percent were opposed (279 to 288). The sales tax issue only received majority support among absentee ballots and those in the first ward; it was even in the second ward; and the issue lost by wide margins in the third and fourth wards. (The Yes votes only trailed the No votes by nine)

The proposed use tax for Grundy County received 51.6 percent approval compared to 48.4 percent opposed (510 to 478). This is the local portion of the sales tax paid on out-of-state purchases that now will come back to benefit Grundy County. The use tax received its largest support from voters at the courthouse, the college, Edinburg, and absentees. The largest number of opposing votes were cast at the Christian and Baptist churches in Trenton plus Galt, Spickard, and Laredo but not enough to offset gains in the others.

The Trenton R-9 School bond issue passed with 71.3 percent approval compared to 28.7 percent opposed (562 to 226). Re-elected to the R-9 School Board were Melissa King with 621 votes and Bill Miller with 558 votes. Rosie Gray had 252 votes. Chosen for three seats on the Grundy County Health Department Board were J-A Kuehn with 838 votes, Tammie Spencer with 750 votes, and Dennis McDonald with 548 votes. Amy May was next at 516 votes. Four councilmen in the City of Trenton were re-elected without opposition: Glen Briggs, Marvin Humphreys, David Mlika, and Duane Urich in the 1st through 4th wards respectively.

Voters at Galt defeated their ballot question 12 to 20. Harrison Township of Grundy County passed their road bond issue proposal 28 to 18.

In Sullivan County, there was nearly 54 percent approval on the proposed 50-cent tax levy for road and bridge purposes (vote count 342 to 293). The City of Milan ballot question passed 60 to 24. Milan north ward voters chose Randy McCollum over J.C. McAlister for north ward alderman. Winning contests for Green City aldermen were Laurie Leslie and Madilynn Richards. Green City approves both a question and a proposition. Chosen for Green City School Board were James Thomas and Kellen Hatcher. Greg Dobrinski wins Mayor of Green Castle. Selected to the Newtown Harris School Board were Holly Fairley and Katie Ireland. 20% voter turnout in Sullivan County.

It’s a 23.7 percent voter turnout in Mercer County. Winning school board races are Blake Boxley (216 votes) and Chet Ellsworth (191 votes) at Princeton; Ervin Taff (97 votes) and Makella Hagan (91 votes) at North Mercer. The Town of Mercer approves both ballot questions. Mercer County Public Water District proposal passed with nearly 78 percent support (304 to 88).

Putnam County has 14.4% voter participation. The capital improvement sales tax for Putnam County Memorial Hospital receives 66 percent approval. Selected to the Putnam County School Board were Jordan Hendee and Clint Stobbe. Charley Bill Pittman wins Mayor of Unionville. The marijuana sales tax issue is approved with 73% support at Unionville.

Livingston County reports a 12.4 percent voter turnout. Chosen for the school board at Chula are Diana Holcer, Madison Imgarten, and Geremy Bru. The waterworks revenue bond issue for Livingston County Public Water District Number Four passes with majority support in Livingston and Daviess counties (58 to 17 combined).

Gallatin’s proposition gets almost 80 percent approval (181 to 49). Voters in Jamesport approve Proposition Two (35 to 3) and the use tax Proposition U (34 to 4).

In Harrison County, there was nearly a 20 percent voter turnout. Elected to the South Harrison of Bethany School Board were Richard Smith and Kalsey McCall. For the North Harrison of Eagleville School Board, it’s Mallory Parkhurst and Kara Craig. The North Harrison ballot issue (“Shamrocks Care”) receives 64% support for the proposed $1 increase in the tax levy. Chosen for the Ridgeway School Board are Austin Booth, Sydney Craig, and Sarah Linthacum. Cainsville voters approve the renewal of a tax levy (75% support). Jesse Hale wins a contest for Ridgeway Mayor. Ridgeway approves by one vote, the alternate use of local sales tax revenue. The New Hampton voters approve both ballot questions.

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