Domestic assault and theft lead to arrest of Trenton men

Arrest Made News Graphic

The Grundy County Sheriff’s Office reported the arrest of two Trenton men on September 21st.

The sheriff’s office arrested 37-year-old James Leviticus Spray on felony charges of third-degree domestic assault and first-degree property damage. His bond was set at $25,000, cash only.

Court documents accuse Spray of attempting to cause physical injury to another person on September 20th by grabbing the steering wheel the person was operating and causing a vehicle to go off the road into a bean field. The person was considered to be a domestic victim because Spray and the person had reportedly resided together and were in a continuing relationship of a romantic or intimate nature.

Spray is also accused of damaging a 2007 Ford Edge, possessed by the other person, by kicking and shattering the dash radio and throwing a rock at the windshield, causing it to break.

Court documents state that Spray was previously convicted in Hickory County Circuit Court in December 2011 of possession of a controlled substance and in November 2004 of first-degree tampering and second-degree burglary.

The Trenton Police Department arrested 63-year-old Viliami Polovili on felony charges of stealing $750 or more. His bond was set at $11,292.50.

Court documents accuse Polovili of appropriating $10,600 in United States currency between April 11th and May 31st with the purpose of depriving another person by deceit. The court information says he represented to the other person that he would repair a roof, which representation was false. The other person was said to have relied on the representation and was induced to part with the currency.

Spray and Polovili are scheduled for the Associate Division of Grundy County Circuit Court on September 26th.