Audio: Eastgate Shopping Center in Trenton to welcome new businesses

Eastgate Shopping Center Trenton V2

Plans are moving forward for new businesses in the Eastgate Shopping Center in Trenton. Eastgate owner Jason Lassiter said on October 18 that all the plans he had for the shopping center when he first bought the property last year are coming to fruition.

One of those plans involved a laundromat with pizza and video games.



Lassiter said Save A Lot would also open in Eastgate.



The laundromat and grocery store are expected to open before the end of this year. Work has also been done on the parking lot at Eastgate, and he expects that work to be completed by October 19.

Lassiter wants to build a 21-unit multifamily apartment building in the parking lot west of Dunkin’s Furniture and Liquidation. He said that would help with the housing shortage in Trenton.



The apartment building could be bigger than 21 units, or it could be fewer but said he would have to get the area rezoned and talk to builders. He believes a new apartment building, laundromat, and grocery store will support growth in the city, create jobs, help entrepreneurship, and embrace businesses. He hopes Trenton will offer more incentives for businesses.

Lassiter also previously bought the former Slater Funeral Home in Trenton. He reported that the building is now for sale. The building was used as an Airbnb for a while, but he noted that some people were uncomfortable staying in a place that used to be a funeral home. The building is unique, and he thinks it would be suitable as a restaurant, like a steakhouse. He commented it could also be torn down, and a multifamily apartment building could be built.

Lassiter owns about 30 properties in Trenton, including the eight-unit Norton Building that used to be a school, some single-family homes, some three-unit residences, and a duplex. He would like to buy more properties, as he said Trenton has “unlimited potential” and is beautiful.

Call Lassiter for more information at 816-908-5355.