Grundy County Emergency Manager on confusion over severe weather warnings

Severe Weather

Grundy County Emergency Management Director Glen Briggs explained the warning process and what goes into the activation of outdoor warning sirens for Trenton.

During a severe weather threat, Grundy County Emergency Management is in constant contact with the National Weather Service, storm spotters, storm chasers, local media, and the public.

Sunday’s storm threat as identified by the National Weather Service was in extreme northwest Grundy County. North of Brimson and toward the west of Spickard. Briggs said there was zero tornado risk for Trenton.

Some people in the Trenton area may have received a wireless emergency alert on their cellphone, telling them to seek shelter. The cell phone carriers delivered this message to anyone within range of the tower, regardless if you were in the tornado warning area or not.

The bottom line to remember, according to Briggs, tornadoes are small and counties are big. Grundy County Emergency Management remains diligent during severe weather and the city would have sounded the sirens had there been a tornado risk for Trenton.