Emergency manager reports brief tornado touchdown near Spickard

Tornado southeast of Spickard header
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Emergency Manager Glenn Briggs reports that a tornado touched down briefly southeast of Spickard, causing only minor damage to trees. 


Tornado southeast of Spickard
Photo credit, Todd McDowell (Click or tap the photo to enlarge it to full size in a new browser window)

Briggs also noted several reports of hail ranging from dime to quarter size from Edinburg through Trenton and toward Galt.

Minor flooding was reported along No Creek at Route N and Medicine Creek at Laredo. Medicine Creek crested at approximately 18.2 feet. While there is no official flood stage for this creek, it is believed to be around 18 feet. Additionally, the Thompson River crested at 23.5 feet, with the flood stage being 27 feet.

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