Wesley United Methodist Church in Trenton appoints new minister

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Wesley United Methodist Church in Trenton will have a change in ministers next month.

The current minister for the past year, Linda Pagel informed KTTN she has accepted appointment to a church in her hometown of St. Charles, and will be moving from Trenton.

The new pastor will start Sunday June 26th at Wesley United Methodist Church.

Steve Martin, who lives at Wyaconda in northeast Missouri, has been in the ministry for 21 years. He is concluding his seventh year of preaching on behalf of three churches: Taylor, LaGrange, and Durham, which is across the river from Quincy, Illinois.

Reverend Martin ministered previously at a church in Wheaton of southwest Missouri and at Bucklin in Linn county. Before that, he was part time for two churches north of Brookfield, in the Purdin vicinity. Before joining the ministry, Martin worked at various grocery stores including one in Marceline.

His wife, Patty, grew up at Brookfield. They have two grown children: Jenny at Fayette and Jeremy at Marceline. There also are two school-age step grandchildren.