Missouri Speciality Meats at Gallatin receives grant from Missouri Department of Agriculture

The Missouri Department of Agriculture today announced 13 Missouri agricultural groups have been awarded grants collectively topping nine hundred eighty six thousand dollars to assist in adding value to Missouri agricultural products.

Two projects will facilitate the use of local crops in lunches and snacks for Missouri school children, and eleven projects will look at the feasibility of converting Missouri agriculture products into more valuable end products such as branded seed, dairy and meat products, and ready-to-eat products, including meal kits.

One of the value-added agriculture grants is listed as a Gallatin concern.

Twenty two thousand, five hundred dollars is the amount to be given to Missouri Speciality Meats to fund a marketing analysis, business and legal planning services to establish a distribution network for what’s called a value-added meat kit.

Applicants are required to provide a ten percent cash match toward eligible expenses.  These grants are funded by contributions through the purchase of tax credits from the Agricultural Product Utilization Contributor Tax Credit.