Trenton Planning & Zoning board approves requests at Monday meeting

Planning and zoning
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The Planning & Zoning Commission of Trenton held a session on May 6 at 6:00 p.m., during which two public hearings were conducted. The first hearing addressed a request by Ed Creason, operating as Consumer Oil & Supply Co., for a Conditional Use Permit. This permit would enable the installation of six grain bins at 1001 E 8th St. Present at the hearing, Mr. Creason and three neighboring property owners stated that the bins would be utilized exclusively by his company and would operate without fans.

The Commission discussed the application extensively. Chairman Vandevender highlighted that conditional permits could include specific conditions. A unanimous decision was made to recommend City Council approve the permit, with the condition that a six-foot solid privacy fence is erected on three sides of the property.

The second hearing concerned Duane Urich and Jennifer Hottes’s application for a Conditional Use Permit to operate a women’s halfway house at 403 E 8th Ct, located in a mixed-use zone. The Black Silo Foundation had purchased the property, responding to a recognized need for such a facility in Trenton, as proposed by Mr. Urich and Ms. Hottes. Present at the meeting, Melinda Green and Wendy Hanson were introduced as the managers of the halfway house.

During the session, local residents, James and Angela Bush expressed their concerns about the proposed halfway house. Nonetheless, the commission moved forward, and with a vote of 6-0—with Commissioner Ormsby abstaining—the motion to recommend council approval was passed.

The meeting was adjourned with all parties informed that these matters would be forwarded to the City Council meeting scheduled for Monday, May 13.

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