Trenton Park Board ponders creation of dog park at meeting on Wednesday

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The Trenton Park Board on October 4th discussed creating a dog park in Trenton, but no action was taken on the matter.

Resident Kelly King reported that she had gathered 679 signatures on a petition advocating for a dog park in the city. She emphasized the need for a designated area for dogs, including her own, to roam freely. As an apartment resident and the owner of an Irish Wolfhound, she is keen on ensuring her dog receives adequate exercise.

King proposed that the dog park should accommodate dogs of all sizes. She also suggested that local businesses, such as Hy-Vee, could provide bags for collecting dog waste. She mentioned conducting research on dog parks at the Grundy County Jewett Norris Library and noted that Chillicothe already has a dog park, which she finds satisfactory.

Park Board President Curtis Crawford said that there had been previous discussions about a dog park in Trenton, however, the idea hadn’t been formally presented or fully deliberated upon by the Park Board.

Crawford mentioned potential legal implications associated with establishing the park. The city might face potential liabilities, and there are both advantages and disadvantages to consider. Among the unresolved issues, Crawford pointed out are the identification of a spacious location suitable for a dog park and the associated costs, including fencing. He emphasized the need for further research by the board.

Crawford admitted he hadn’t visited the Chillicothe dog park and was unsure if it was situated on city-owned land. Trenton Mayor Jackie Soptic said that Gladys Grimes Park was once contemplated as a potential site for a dog park. Park Board Member Lynda Lynch felt that the Gladys Grimes neighborhood might be an ideal location for the dog park. She also considered Moberly Park as another potential site.

Park Board Member Gary Schuett recommended consulting other cities that have established dog parks, as well as those that haven’t, to understand their reasons.

Park Superintendent David Shockley shared that he hadn’t finalized the figures for the Trenton Family Aquatic Center’s season yet. He anticipated the need to hire a new pool manager around December, as the current manager intends to depart after this season. He speculated that an increase in the manager’s commitments could be a factor.

Park Board Member John Hamilton recounted an incident at the pool involving an individual attempting to use the high diving board despite apparent limitations. The person was guided to use the lower diving board instead, where they were subsequently assisted by a lifeguard. Hamilton expressed that the lifeguard who made the rescue would be an excellent candidate for the managerial role.

Hamilton commended the Park Department for efficiently preparing the walking trail for an overlay project. Shockley clarified that the Street Department executed the project. The overlay project began at the intersection of 10th and Lord Streets and concluded at the Ebbe Sports Complex sign.

Shockley revealed that Trenton Municipal Utilities repositioned the outlets previously mounted on an electrical pole behind the Rock Barn sign to a box situated directly behind the sign.

In September, twelve tree stumps were extracted from Moberly Park. Shockley added that the areas affected by the removal were subsequently cleaned.

Ground leveling occurred at the upper playground in Moberly Park. Meanwhile, a border was put in place at the Gladys Grimes Park playground.

Shockley mentioned that preparations were underway on the east side of Gladys Grimes Park along the tree line to develop a butterfly habitat.

The forthcoming Guns and Hoses charity softball match between the Trenton Police and Fire departments is scheduled for Johnson Field on October 7th at 11 a.m. Trenton will also be hosting high school softball districts in the following week.

Shockley expressed gratitude to the Terrific Kids from Rissler Elementary School of Trenton for their effort in cleaning up trash at Eastside Park on October 4th.

The construction of a new parking lot in front of the park maintenance building has commenced. Shockley believes this addition will be particularly beneficial during the winter months, mitigating issues related to freezing and thawing.