Trenton home destroyed by fire, no injuries reported

House Fire News Graphic
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A Trenton residence was declared a total loss following a fire on November 28, according to the Trenton Fire Department.

Lieutenant Alex Lovell of the Trenton Fire Department reported that upon arrival at the scene, located at 718 West Crowder Road around 2:10 p.m., firefighters were met with heavy smoke and flames emanating from the east side of the house. The fire had already engulfed approximately 75% of the home’s interior.

Lovell stated that the initial response team swiftly deployed a 1.75-inch hose line to the east side door, initiating fire suppression efforts. The team then proceeded with an interior attack and a primary search on the first floor.

A second team also laid a 1.75-inch hose line, directing it towards the front door of the house.

Following the successful extinguishment of the fire on the first floor, the firefighters extended their operations to the second floor, combating the blaze and conducting another primary search. However, due to safety concerns, the teams eventually had to withdraw from the inside of the house.

The firefighting efforts then continued from outside the building, with the deployment of an aerial ladder to tackle the fire from above. These efforts persisted until all visible flames and hot spots were extinguished.

Additionally, the on-duty crew had to return to the site twice overnight to address rekindling of the fire, with each visit lasting around 30 minutes.

Lieutenant Lovell confirmed that all occupants of the house were safely evacuated, including the rescue of a kitten. The house was occupied by Miranda Hamilton and owned by Brad Couey.

As of now, the cause of the fire remains undetermined.

The Trenton Fire Department was engaged at the scene for approximately eight and a half hours, supported by the Grundy County Rural Fire Protection District, Grundy County Ambulance, the Trenton Police Department, and Ewing Repair and Towing.

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