Trenton High School gearing up for 2024 Alumni Weekend

THS Alumni Association
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Trenton High School is gearing up for its 2024 Alumni Weekend, with preparations in full swing. The annual Mailing Meeting, scheduled for February 4th, is a key event where over 5,000 letters will be dispatched to alumni nationwide. In anticipation of this meeting, class representatives are encouraged to provide updated addresses and names to ensure accuracy in mailing labels.

Those classes needing to review the current mailing list and submit corrections should reach out to John Holcomb at 660-359-1838 or via email at [email protected]. These updates must be provided to Holcomb by January 15th.

All classes are expected to participate in the Mailing Meeting. Additionally, classes hosting special reunions are requested to bring a one-page letter for inclusion in their class mailings.

For classes organizing special events, details should be sent to Steve Maxey at [email protected]. These details will be part of the tentative agenda included in the mailings.

The Mailing Meeting will be held in the THS Commons on February 4th, starting at 1:00 PM. Any questions regarding the event can be directed to Kevin Bailey, John Holcomb, or Steve Maxey.

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