Chillicothe Police Department activity report for the weekend of January 6 and 7, 2024

Chillicothe Police Activity Report
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The Chillicothe Police Department responded to multiple calls over the weekend. In addition to these incidents, officers conducted traffic stops, business checks, and continued various investigations. Over the weekend, the Chillicothe Police Department received 66 calls for service.

Saturday, January 6th, 2024

4:35 AM: Officers responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle in the 700 block of Elm Street. The driver found to be intoxicated, was arrested for DWI and remains in custody at Caldwell County Jail.

2:46 PM: A well-being check was conducted for a subject in the 90 block of 11th Street. The subject was found to be well, requiring no further assistance.

8:04 PM: In the 100 block of Elm Street, officers investigated an open door at a business. The building was secured after contacting the owner.

10:33 PM: Illegal drugs found by a resident in the 800 block of Vine Street were recovered and seized by officers.

Sunday, January 7th, 2024

12:07 AM & 12:33 AM: Officers conducted wellbeing checks in the 90 block of 11th Street and responded to a noise complaint in the 500 block of St. Louis, respectively. In both instances, the issues were resolved without further action.

3:59 AM: A false alarm was investigated in the 700 block of S Washington Street.

5:17 AM: A traffic stop near Washington Street and Green Street for expired plates led to the arrest of a driver with a suspended license, in possession of a firearm and a controlled substance.

8:05 AM: Officers responded to a well-being check in the 400 block of Vine Street. The individual was found to be well.

11:21 AM: A report of a suspicious vehicle in the 1100 block of Calhoun Street was investigated, but the vehicle was not located.

4:32 PM: A runaway juvenile was located and returned after a report in the 90 block of 11th Street.

8:28 PM: Responding to a burglary report in the 900 block of Dickinson, officers detained an individual with an active Ray County warrant.


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