Trenton Convention and Visitors Bureau approves budget proposal

Trenton Convention and visitors bureau

The Trenton Convention and Visitors Bureau approved a budget proposal on March 10th. The budget proposal for the city council to review March 22nd includes $20,000 for digital marketing and $4,000 for print marketing.

The Branding Committee drafted the request for proposals for digital marketing. There was discussion about using the city hall address with attention to the Convention and Visitors Bureau and creating an email through the city for the bureau to use. No phone number will be posted or used for reference at this time.

After budget approval, the RFP announcement will be posted around April 1st, with a due date of June 1st and a start date of July 1st. Posting will be on the City of Trenton website. There will also be announcements in the newspaper, on the radio, on the city Facebook page, and by direct contact.

The Convention and Visitors Bureau is requesting eight hard copies be submitted for each board member as well as one city representative liaison.

There was a discussion about forming a Policies and Procedures document for the organization. The document would include monthly meeting regulations, a board member term schedule, and spending guidelines. The matter was tabled until the next meeting.