Spickard Board of Aldermen approves pay raise for maintenance worker

Spickard, Missouri

The Spickard Board of Aldermen approved a pay raise for a maintenance employee on September 11.

Sam Scharn’s pay is set to increase by $1 per hour, from $15 to $16 per hour, effective September 1. The pay increase was approved because Scharn passed a water certification exam.

City Clerk Becca King reported that the bank has notified the city that its Grinder Savings Account has entered dormant status due to two years of inactivity. The city will incur a $2 monthly charge unless action is taken. So far, only one fee has been assessed. Mayor Alan Tharp authorized King to transfer $100 to the account to avoid further fees.

The board approved a monthly transfer of $500 to the Sewer Reserve Account.

The city has received two donations totaling $600 for new playground equipment at the city park.

A company has contacted Spickard to discuss the process of conducting a lead service line inventory.