School bus knife incident in Chillicothe investigated, Juvenile driver cited on Highway 36

Livingston County Sheriff
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Deputy Sheriff/School Resource Officer Mike Lewis filed a report with the sheriff’s office about an alleged incident involving a pocket knife on a Chillicothe school bus around November 30.

Cox reports a student was said to be making unwanted sexual comments to another student. He notes the second student told the other to stop. A male student then reportedly displayed an open pocket knife with a blade close to the alleged victim.

Cox says this scared the victim, even though it was believed the student with the knife was showing it in a joking manner.

School officials, a parent or parents, and the juvenile office are handling the situation.

Cox reports a vehicle stop on Highway 36 west of Chillicothe Sunday evening, December 3, led to a juvenile driver being cited.

He says a deputy checked the vehicle going 85 miles per hour. During the stop, the deputy reportedly noticed a marijuana odor coming from the vehicle, and the driver allegedly admitted to recently smoking marijuana.

Based on evidence and field sobriety tests, the driver was detained. Evidence was also seized and taken to the law enforcement center. A parent or guardian was summoned.

Cox reports the driver was cited for speeding and driving while intoxicated with drugs. The driver was released to an adult after the Chillicothe Department of Emergency Services drew a blood sample for the Highway Patrol lab to examine.

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