61-year-old woman airlifted after Highway 36 incident

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Reports of a vehicle failing to maintain lanes on Highway 36 on Wednesday afternoon, December 6, ended with a 61-year-old female driver being airlifted to a hospital.

Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox reported that his office assisted the Linn County Sheriff’s Office in a pursuit of a westbound vehicle traveling over 100 miles per hour.  Numerous 911 calls had been received about the vehicle’s dangerous driving. At one point, it was reportedly going in the wrong direction on Highway 36, directly into oncoming traffic.

The Chillicothe Police Department also responded. Police Sergeant Preston Sandner noted that the vehicle had veered into the ditch several times.

Both the police and Livingston County Sheriff’s Office attempted to stop the vehicle. A Chillicothe police officer noticed the driver seemed unconscious. The vehicle then decelerated to about 25 miles per hour and was eventually stopped using spike strips.

Law enforcement ascertained that the driver was experiencing a medical emergency and she was airlifted to a hospital for emergency care.

Cox noted the vehicle likely collided with one or more bridges or guardrails, but there were no reported injuries.

The driver’s name was not disclosed by the authorities.

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