Plans underway for 2021 Trenton High School Alumni Weekend

THS Alumni Association

Plans are underway for the 2021 Trenton High School Alumni Weekend with the first general meeting being organized.

Due to the anticipated increase in the number of reunions expected for 2021, all classes are invited to attend the general planning meeting on Sunday, November 8th in Trenton. The 1:30 meeting will be held in the BTC Community Room with parking encouraged on the north side, lower level. At this time, class mailing lists will be distributed, the weekend schedule of events discussed and details on respective class reunions will be shared.

Many of the 2020 reunions were canceled or postponed due to the Pandemic and it is hoped that 2021 will offer better opportunities for classes to gather. And in doing so, it is expected that more reunions than normal will be held.

Individual classes with reunion plans already in place are asked to contact Foundation Secretary Steve Maxey at 660-359-7244 and share details for the tentative schedule. Maxey says that with the meeting being scheduled earlier than normal, this will allow for better organization of events as well as an earlier deadline for the mass mailing and publication of the THS Alumni News.