Month of October was cooler and drier than normal; November outlook favors above-normal temps, below normal precipitation

Weather graphic

October was cooler and significantly drier than normal in Trenton.

The .46 of an inch of rain and melted snow was 2.77 below normal for the month. Looking at the situation with a different perspective, the October total of .46 inches represented just 14 percent of the normal amount of 3.23 inches.

It was the second driest October in KTTN weather records since 1970 when October of 2011 had just .11 inches. Prior to 1970, weather records for Trenton provided by the University of Missouri dating back to 1918, indicates this was the sixth driest October in Trenton since 1918. There were .11 inches in both 1952 and 2011, .12 inches in both 1950 and 1956, and .16 inches in 1964.

Trenton had one-quarter of an inch of snow in October of 2020 which fell in the 24-hour period ending at 7 o’clock Monday morning, October 26.

Trenton entered November with a moisture deficit for the year of 1.84 inches.

Temperatures in October 2020 in Trenton averaged just 61.3 degrees for highs and 42.8 degrees for lows. The highs were 4.7 degrees below average and two-and-one-half degrees below normal.

Despite the cooler than normal temperatures overall, highs in Trenton did reach the 80s on seven days in October with the warmest being 84 on October 11.  Lows reached the 20s on three dates, the coldest being 26 degrees on Friday morning, October 30th. The thermometer hit 28 degrees on both October 26th and 28th.

The National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction center, entering October, indicated a good chance for below-normal precipitation in our area, which turned out to be accurate, however, above normal temperatures were favored by a slight to moderate margin, so that was wrong.

The Climate Prediction Center’s November outlook for our area shows above-normal temperatures are favored by a moderate margin, while below-normal precipitation is slightly favored.

Normal moisture in November for Trenton is 2.25 inches, including about one inch of snow, however, there have been several years since 1970 in which there was just a trace or no measurable snow in Trenton during November.

Average highs in November for Trenton range from 59 on the first day of the month to 45 degrees at the end of the month. Lows range from 41 from November 1st to 28 degrees on November 30th.

November is a month in which temperatures often are either considerably above or below normal.