Missouri State Auditor releases audit of Carroll County

Audit News Graphic
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Missouri State Auditor Scott Fitzpatrick released a regularly scheduled audit of Carroll County that gives the county a rating of “good.” The rating indicates the county is well managed and officials are already working to implement the recommendations contained in the report.

“It’s good to see the Carroll County Commission and all the elected officials in the county are operating in a way that is transparent and accountable. The people of Carroll County are fortunate to have a county government that is responsive to their needs and willing to work with our office to implement recommendations that will make them even more effective and efficient,” said Fitzpatrick.

The audit found the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office has not segregated accounting duties or performed adequate supervisory reviews of detailed accounting records, nor does the office prepare bank reconciliations or monthly lists of liabilities. The office also has failed to consistently retain copies of voided receipt slips and does not always deposit receipts timely. Additionally, Sheriff’s office personnel do not maintain a complete and accurate seized property inventory listing. The report notes the office agrees with the findings and is either working to implement or has already implemented, all of the recommendations.

The audit report also found the County Commission authorized a mid-term salary increase for the Sheriff in violation of the constitutional provisions, and the county has not developed a records management and retention policy that includes electronic communication. The county has indicated it is working to address both issues.

previous audit released in 2019 gave Carroll County a rating of “excellent,” which was the first time a county had received the highest rating possible. A complete copy of the current audit of Carroll County is available here.

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