Highway 65 south of Chillicothe expected to close due to flooding

Flood alert

Major flooding on the Grand River is expected this week and Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox is concerned U. S. Highway 65 in Livingston County south of Chillicothe will be closed sometime late on Wednesday possibly into the evening.  The crest may drop but could rise again with rain in the forecast.

Cox says flooding may also cause traffic on U. S. 36 west of Chillicothe to be narrowed to two lanes. Livingston County is working with Carroll County emergency services to assist with emergency response in the southern part of Livingston County in the next few days.

Drivers should not attempt to drive through flood water as they may not know the depth of the water or if part of the road has washed away.

Highway 65 south of Chillicothe, as of 10:20 Wednesday morning was still open to traffic.