Grundy R-5 Board of Educaton raises salaries and approves new insurance

Grundy County R-5 School District website
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The Grundy County R-5 Board of Education approved salary and insurance matters on April 11.

Steps were approved for experience, and a three percent increase was approved to the base salary for certified staff for the next school year. The new base salary will be $34,797.

The board approved a three percent increase for all non-certified staff members as well.

An insurance plan from the Missouri Educators Trust was approved for the next school year. The base plan offered by the district will be capped at $600. Staff members will have the opportunity to buy up to three additional plans. Another option is to purchase a plan with a lower cost, and the difference will be placed in a health savings account for the staff member.

The Grundy County Health Department will hold a staff wellness fair at the high school in Galt on April 29. The board approved paying the $32 lab fee cost per employee.

Two days of paid leave per year were approved for each bus driver in the district.

Approval was given to an agreement with Lone Star Transportation to provide bus maintenance and services for the next school year.

A sports cooperative agreement was approved with Newtown-Harris for the next school year.

The board approved the letting of bids for the next school year for propane, diesel fuel, milk, and bread. Bids will be opened at the May board meeting.

The oath of office was given to board members Mary Lentz and Kaleb Shiflett.

Officers for the new year were elected. They are President Opie Peterson, Vice President Zachariah Kasinger, Secretary Mary Lentz, and Treasurer Kaleb Shiflett.

After a closed session, it was announced that the board hired Emily Gann as an agriculture teacher for the next school year.

All non-certified staff members voted on were offered contracts for the next school year. Multiple extra-duty contracts were offered for district sponsorships and athletics.

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