Grundy County Commission approves COVID-19 relief funding requests from Laredo school and Sunnyview

Grundy County Courthouse Trenton Missouri

The Grundy County Commission approved Coronavirus relief funding requests from the Laredo R-7 School District and Sunnyview Nursing Home Tuesday, September 22nd. Laredo R-7 was approved for $2,614.46, and Sunnyview was approved for $15,083.82.

Grundy County was notified of a registration qualification last week, and the county is required to submit a report detailing the expenditures for each 30-day Coronavirus relief funding reporting cycle. A digital portal has been created to report expenditures that used the funds that were transferred from the State of Missouri and then to Grundy County for disbursement. Grundy County has received an estimated $1,150,000 for the program. The deadline is October 7thfor the first submission for the county.

It was reported COVID-19-related calls have been down in the last week for Grundy County Ambulance. There are no staffing shortages being experienced thus far.

The commission approved the resignation of Kim Allen from the Grundy County Jewett Norris Library Board. The appointment was approved of Donna Sue Jackson to the board.

Grundy County has been permitted by the Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission to display Purple Heart signage. Signs will be placed along Highway 6 at the Sullivan and Daviess county lines as well as along U. S. Highway 65 at the Livingston and Mercer county lines.

The commission participated in a conference call with Road and Bridge Supervisor Martin Chapman, Emergency Management Director Glen Briggs, and Federal Emergency Management Agency representatives regarding a change in scope of work and reimbursements involving projects at the Sandhill Bridge in the Marion Township and the Berry Bridge in the Myers Township. The two projects were reviewed, and other countywide culvert sites were reviewed for scope and funding. Projects currently are estimated to total $100,000, and the total is expected to rise as projects are finalized by FEMA and the State Emergency Management Agency.

The commission met with the road and bridge crew at the Sandhill Bridge site to examine completed work and at the Berry Bridge to finalize plans for work to be done.