Gallatin gears up for Community Clean-Up Week beginning October 16, 2023

Community Clean Up news graphic

The Gallatin Community Clean-Up Week is scheduled for October 16-23, 2023. During this time, residents can drop off large trash items at a dumpster located at the old water tower lot on Main Street behind Elbert’s Department Store.

Items that can be placed in the dumpster include furniture, mattresses, wood, cardboard, and other non-perishable items. Items that cannot be placed in the dumpster include old tires, wet paint in paint cans, car and personal batteries, yard waste, and hazardous materials.

Scrap metal will also be accepted at the dumpster site. These items will be taken to a recycling center and all proceeds will go toward the dumpster rental.

The Gallatin Community Clean-Up Week is open only to residents of Gallatin. Anyone needing assistance bringing items to the dumpster can call (660) 605-2360.

Volunteers are also needed to help load and unload items, provide use of their trucks or trailers, and monitor the dumpster to ensure that no wrongful items are placed into it.

Donations to help cover the cost of the dumpster rental can be made in person at My Hunny’s Kitchen, 124 West Grand Street, Gallatin, MO 64640, or by calling Ginger Rahm Williams at (660) 663-3063.