Gallatin Board of Aldermen approve purchase of utility mapping system

Gallatin City Hall

The Gallatin Board of Aldermen approved an ordinance the evening of February 8th regarding a master project agreement for an advanced metering infrastructure system. City Clerk Hattie Rains reported the agreement establishes a partnership with Core and Main LP.

The board authorized Administrator Lance Rains and Public Works Director Mark Morey to purchase a utility mapping system and a meter service order tracking system to be used along with installing the AMI system. The mapping system will allow all meter locations to be captured and saved. The meter service order tracking system will assist crews in installing the new electric and water meters for the new AMI system.

The board approved a bid for an enclosed eight by 16-inch Doolittle Cargo trailer for the water department from Terry Implement for $8,950. Another bid for an enclosed trailer came from Trailer Town for $10,530.

Administrator Rains and Deputy City Clerk Macon Schweizer have worked on labels, letters, and surveys to mail out 375 low to moderate-income residential surveys that were randomly selected by a block grant. Rains thinks the City of Gallatin might be able to qualify for other block grant opportunities if it can complete the LMI survey requirements.

Morey reported a large water main break happened in front of Farmers Bank last week. Crews also had to repair a service line and a two-inch main break on Fuller Street that occurred from fiber being installed.

Police Chief Mark Richards provided an incident report dated for February 8th. It included five animal control incidents, three information reports, three lockouts, two fraud incidents, and two suspicious person incidents.