Dunklin County audit reveals over $160K misused by couple

Dunklin County Missourii Audit with handcuffs news graphic
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A husband and wife team, Korey Adams and Jennifer Adams, are each charged with 24 counts of felony stealing. A state audit revealed that they allegedly misused over $160,000 from a small-town sewer district for personal gain.

According to court records, the couple is scheduled for a hearing before a Dunklin County judge in February. State Auditor Scott Fitzpatrick reported that the Adams drained the Dunklin County Sewer District’s funds, misappropriating taxpayer money for unauthorized Christmas bonuses and payroll advances.

The audit specifically highlights the actions of sewer board president Korey Adams and his wife, Jennifer Adams, who was the district’s bookkeeper. Between 2017 and early 2021, they allegedly redirected at least $62,000 in money and services from the sewer district. An additional $98,096 is suspected to be missing. Investigation into their personal bank accounts revealed unaccounted cash deposits totaling $29,146.

One notable transaction involved Jennifer Adams issuing a $450 check to herself, purportedly as a Christmas bonus and for mileage reimbursement, however, the financial irregularities aren’t their only legal trouble. Korey Adams’ decision to employ his wife as the bookkeeper violates constitutional rules against nepotism. Additionally, the couple faces claims from the Internal Revenue Service.

The charges accuse them of misusing funds dedicated to wastewater management for Malden’s 4,200 residents. Following these allegations, the city has now taken over the operation of the sewer district.

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