Department of Natural Resources awards $30,000 grant to community of Bosworth

Glass of Water or Drinking Water upgrades News Graphic
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The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has awarded a $30,000 Drinking Water Engineering Report Grant to the city of Bosworth to evaluate the city’s drinking water system.

Through its Drinking Water Engineering Report Grant program, the department offers funding to qualified communities to help cover the costs of evaluating public drinking water system improvements. Bosworth will use the funding to identify any needed improvements to continue providing reliable service to its customers and to meet drinking water quality standards.

Drinking water systems are among the most essential public infrastructures for every community’s health and economic vitality. This grant helps communities like Bosworth to assess their system and identify improvements for more effective and longer service. The community can determine what actions are needed to address short-term drinking water needs and plan for future growth and development.

The department is committed to assisting Missouri communities with water and wastewater infrastructure improvement projects. Through its Financial Assistance Center, the department provides funding opportunities for qualified communities with water quality, wastewater, and drinking water infrastructure needs. This project will be funded wholly or in part with monies received from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

For more information on wastewater and drinking water funding opportunities, visit this section of the Department of Natural Resources website.

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